Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kids | Canberra children's photographer

Sometimes it's nice to let kids be kids. Who cares about clothes getting dirty? They will be washed anyway. Shoes will dry. Mud & water are so much fun! Remember the good old days when kids would spend all day outside, exploring, getting dirty, building cubby houses and climbing trees? Do kids even climb trees these days?

Did you know that research shows that children prefer to play with natural materials? That means grass, plants, flowers, water, dirt, sand, mud, rocks, sticks and trees. Not colourful plastic toys or computer games.

After letting my daughter splash through water & play with the mud, I now want to make a mud patch in our backyard! Here is a great blog and fun article about mud play. After we got home & cleaned up, she had a beautiful long nap for 2 hours - bliss!

I am looking forward to long summer days spent outdoors! What do your kids love doing outside?


Lyn said...

So true! The beach is our favorite. The sand, water, shells & even the birds and animals are so much fun for my kids. Your pictures are so fun!

Julie Livermore said...

I hate messes, but letting kids play in mud is soooo WORTH it!!


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